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ICC Note: We’ve been covering the situation in Lebanon for many months and continue to urge prayer. Lebanon is looking over the abyss.

Lebanon May Break Without U.S. Support: Hariri
Kenneth R. Timmerman

Lebanon-Iran-Syria (for the full story, go to NewsMax) Lebanon’s upcoming presidential elections were the subject of a sobering meeting at the White House last Thursday, where the son of slain Lebanon Prime minister Rafic Hariri told President Bush and his top advisors that his country was facing a potential crack-up unless the United States threw its weight behind the pro-democracy movement.

Saad Hariri, who stepped into his fathers shoes after a deadly car-bomb blew up his armor plated Mercedes in Beirut in February 2005, has become a key leader of the grass roots Cedars Revolution that forced Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon after a 29-year occupation.

But two years later the Syrians are back, working through local Lebanese proxies in tandem with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Their goal is to derail the October 23rd election as a first step to imposing their own candidate for the presidency, U.S. and Lebanese sources said.

The result could be two governments, warned Eblan Farris, a spokesman for the Cedars Revolution in Washington, DC.

The Bush administration is taking the threat of Syrian and Iranian intervention in the Lebanese election very, very seriously, a senior administration official told Newsmax after the meeting with Hariri.

If this whole thing comes crashing down, it would be a real blow to this administration, especially since weve had a couple of years to do things right.

There was a real possibility, the official added, that failure to elect a president which he called a train wreck could plunge Lebanon again into civil war.