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Pastors and church members became prey to Hindu Radicals in India

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Christians came under attack in Maharastra State , India .

By James Varghese

Friday, October 5, 2007 AHMEDNAGAR, MAHARASTRA , INDIA (ANS) — A group of 15 to 20 Hindu radicals beat up two pastors in Ahmednagar, Maharastra state, India , on October 4.

This news was reported by the website;

According to this website, the pastors were Pastor Amol Patole and Philip Lokhande of Ahmednagar. The name of the church of these pastors is not known. This incident took place when these two pastors, who were on a ministerial training, went to a village named Devgaon, and they were conducting a prayer meeting in a person’s house.

As they were praying, at about 2:00 pm, a group of 15 to 20 people (the name of the group is not known) came inside and started beating up the pastors and two local leaders who had come to hear the Word of God in the meeting. They then began to beat the people present in the house, alleging that these pastors have come to this village to convert people and the members of this house were encouraging these people for such activities in this village.

Then these radicals locked all the four people (2 pastors and 2 local leaders) in a room, where there was no proper ventilation and they began to suffocate in the room. Then later these attackers took each one out of the room and again beat them separately. They also poked and damaged both the tires of the pastor’s motorbike. As the incident started getting worse, one of the villagers made a phone call to the nearest police station and informed about this incident. Then the police reached the spot with the team. They found out that all the four people and the members of the family were locked in a room. Then police took the two pastors, leaders, and the others (the house members) to the police station.

By that time, all the pastors of the Ahmednagar City had gathered near the police station. The next day (October 5), by 00.30 hrs in the morning the pastors and the house members were finally brought back home from the police station. All of them had sustained severe internal injuries on their back and on their stomach.

They are all still suffering from severe pain in their bodies and presently undergoing treatment. Tomorrow, October 6, they will be taken to a better hospital for checkups and further treatment.

At the time of writing, no case was registered on them and no action taken on these attackers.

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