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Anti-Christian Extremist Becomes Strong Believer

Gospel for Asia

9/28/07 India (ANS) — For two months, GFA missionary Prasanth was able to dodge the men who were trying to kill him. He gathered the Christians from his village together for worship as often as possible, but it was dangerous.

Prasanth had come to this village in Himachal Pradesh , India , a few years before, and by God’s grace, as he shared the Gospel, he saw 50 people come to know the Lord. Unfortunately, there was one elderly man named Kushan who did not like Prasanth nor the Christian message he preached. In spite of his opposition, Kushan’s wife and children chose to receive Jesus as their Savior. Kushan tried everything he could to prevent them from worshipping at the church services. His ultimate goal was to stop this young missionary from sharing the Gospel. Eventually, he decided to send some violent men to kill Prasanth. Thankfully, God protected Prasanth from the would-be murderers.

Prasanth was very aware that Kushan hated him, but in faith he prayed fervently for him.

Then, Kushan got very sick. He had severe chest pain and was unable to eat or drink anything. His wife asked him again and again to call Prasanth for prayer. Finally, Kushan allowed Prasanth to come and pray. Prasanth was very aware that Kushan hated him, but in faith he prayed fervently for him. God answered Prasanth’s prayer and healed Kushan completely. In awe, Kushan confessed that Jesus is Lord and received Him as his Savior. Today, he and his family all come to the worship services together. Instead of opposing Prasanth, Kushan is helping him in every way he can.

Prasanth asks for prayer that God will use Kushan and his family to bring many more to Christ in Himachal Pradesh.