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Overseas Christian visitors attacked in Andhra Pradesh by extremists

By James Varghese

9/25/07 INDIA (ANS) — According to the news reported by Global Council of Indian Christians news web portal (, two bus loads of Christian youth workers who were involved in social work and village outreach, and also conducting prayer meetings, were attacked by Hindu radical groups at Kothekote near Madanapally in Andhra Pradesh on Sunday, September 23.

The group that attacked these overseas visitors were from two Hindu radical groups called RSS and Bajrang Dal. The attack took place after the team arrived at B- Kothekote village near Madanapally in Andhra Pradesh state for ministerial practical training.

The sixty member group was drawn from different Asian countries. This group has hosted many programs in different parts of India in the recent past as a part of cultural exchange programs.

The extremists from the Madanapally area and neighboring areas pulled them and tried to abuse them with bad words and attempted to misbehave with them. In the commotion created by the extremists some of the visitors sustained injuries.

The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) told ANS that is trying to ascertain more facts from the Madanapally district authorities on the attack.