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Church Leaders Imprisoned, Believers Beaten in Western Ethiopia

ICC Note

Islamic militants have continued their attacks against Christians in Western Ethiopia .

September 20, 2007 Ethiopia (VOM)-The Voice of the Martyrs sources have reported several incidents of persecution in recent weeks in the state of Benishangul, where Christians live under intense pressure from Muslim militants.

On September 11, an underground church leader, Jemmal Sembeto (35), was imprisoned and several other believers were beaten and tortured in an attempt to force them to expose other church leaders involved in underground ministry. On September 16, evangelist Mulu Tilahun (22) was also imprisoned.

VOMC sources also reported that a Christian named Brother Ali was recently severely beaten in his home along with his children. In another incident, a believer named Sister Ashe was beaten and her hand was broken. She fled to another town in fear for her life. Several local believers have also reportedly fled to other areas for their own safety. Others have been imprisoned by the local government officials without charge.


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