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The sixth girl

ICC Note

Christian girls are abducted and forced to marry Muslim boys so as to convert them to Islam. Such deplorable act is becoming common in Egypt . The latest victim is Amal Zaki Nessim, the six Christian girl to disappear this month alone.

September 18, 2007 Egypt (Watani) – The Holy Virgin’s church at the mid-Delta town of Mehalla was the scene of Coptic demonstrations this week in the aftermath of the disappearance of 18-year-old Amal Zaki Nessim.

Amal went to work as usual last Sunday but never came back. Her colleagues at the Mehalla Spinning and Weaving Company said she left work early that day with a friend who is a fully-veiled Muslim woman named Samah. Amal’s family reported her missing and Samah was questioned by the police but claimed she knew nothing about Amal’s disappearance.

The Copts demonstrated in wrath, demanding that the police find Amal and bring her home since she is underage. Anba Bishoi, Bishop of Dumyat contacted the security authorities who promised to produce Amal on the following day, but did not keep good on their word. Until Watani went to press Amal was still missing with no clue as to where she could be. Her father was hospitalised with cardiac seizure.

Worth noting is that Amal was engaged to get married next week and is reported to have been making the last arrangements for her wedding, reserving an appointment with the hairdresser and the DJ for her wedding music.


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