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Religious Persecution in Eritrea Worsens

ICC Note

According to testimonies of Christians who escaped from Eritrea , repression against Christians is intensifying in that country.

Mon, 2007-09-10 Eritrea (Release Eritrea) is concerned about the mounting pressure against evangelical Christians in Eritrea . In a repression of unprecedented levels since the closure of churches in may 2002, believers are said to be facing imprisonment and immediate dismissal from government jobs if colleagues and associates testify that they are practicing their faith.

Newly arrived refugees at Shimelba refugee camp in Ethiopia (about 57 Km south of the disputed Ethio-Eritrean border) testify that they have escaped extreme cruelty that is being perpetrated as a matter of course against Eritrean evangelicals across the country. Whilst the illtreatment is carried out all over the country those in the southern regions of the country and particularly those in the town of Adiquala are said to be worse than ever. There are reports of children who have now become separated from both parents and those who are in prison along side their mothers. Joseph, a refugee at Shimelba told release-Eritrea of the fact that he doesn’t know the whereabouts of his one and half year old daughter and his wife whilst his son is now being looked after by relatives who took him on following the disappearance of his mother and sister.

Selam Kidane co-ordinator at release Eritrea UK, said; ‘ I am shocked at the report of even more intensified harassment and persecution, just when you think that things can’t possibly get worse in Eritrea they do, it is time the Government of Eritrea realised that this is not in the interest of anyone in Eritrea least of all the government itself, as it faces increasing international condemnation over its manner of governance’.


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