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Kidnapped Pastor Rescued by Fellow Believers in India

ICC Note: Hindu extremists kidnap pastor to take him to a Hindu pilgrimage center.

By Dibin Samuel

8/27/07 India ( – An evangelical pastor who was beaten and kidnapped by Hindu militants in Bangalore was freed by a group of Christians who were alerted of the incident and took immediate action.

Sajan George, president of the Bangalore-based Global Council of Indian Christians, a major advocacy group, confirmed that Pastor Mark Jaikumar, 43, was kidnapped late Saturday and taken on a bus by Hindu radicals. He was later drugged and driven to Shakleshpur, about 130 km from the city.

The militants were planning to bring the pastor to a Hindu pilgrimage center. During the ride, however, Jaikumar became conscious and contacted GCIC members via a cell phone from a fellow passenger, George reported.