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Degar Man Repatriated By UNHCR Is Jailed & Brutally Tortured:

Two Christian Women Who Gave Him Food Arrested

ICC Note: The Christian Vietnamese group, Degar Montagnards are tortured and UN does nothing as Vietnamese communist authorities continue to target and imprison Degars men and women.

8/22/07 Vietnam (Montagnard Foundation)-BACKGROUND: The indigenous Degar Montagnards have suffered decades of persecution by the Vietnamese communist government with thousands having fled to Cambodia since 2001. Several years ago on 20 July 2005 over 100 Degar Montagnard asylum seekers in Cambodia were forcibly deported from Vietnam under supervision of the United Nations refugee body (UNHCR) see During this forced return the Cambodian police beat and electric shocked these Degar men, woman and children, including dragging unconscious Degars onto buses bound for Vietnam . A witness to this event described how the UNHCR actually oversaw the beatings of these asylum seekers…)

On 19 July 2007 the Degar Christian man named Siu Nham, (born 1981) from Ploi Wel village, commune Ia Ko, Cu Se district in Gialai province was arrested, tortured and imprisoned by Vietnamese security forces. Previously he had been forcibly repatriated to Vietnam by the UNHCR several years ago on July 20, 2005. At the present time he is imprisoned at the prison facility in Cu Se district.(…)

On July 20, 2005, the UNHCR forcibly repatriated him back to Vietnam (…) When Siu Nham arrived back to his hometown the Vietnamese police at first did not do anything to him and he was allowed to go to his village with his family. Soon after however, the Vietnamese police began to summon him (on numerous occasions) to their station where he was tortured – repeatedly beaten and kicked by police. Many times he was used as a live target for the police to practice martial arts on.

On October 1, 2006 he fled to the jungles because he could not take it anymore as he had experience torture sessions numerous times. This time however, he did not cross the border to Cambodia because he could not trust the UNHCR any more.

On July 19, 2007 a sweeping operation by Vietnamese soldiers captured him whereupon he was savagely beaten. At the present time, Siu Nham is imprisoned at the prison in Cu Se district, where inside sources report the authorities routinely torture him by kicking, beating, stomping on him with boots and electric shocking him. The authorities wanted to know the names of those who fed him while he was hiding in the jungles and thus tortured him over and over. Finally, after enduring prolonged beatings and electric shock torture Siu Nham told the authorities the names of two women who had given him food. Both these women are from Ploi Sur village, commune Ia Ko, Cu Se district, Gialai province (…)

On 24 July 2007 the Vietnamese security police arrested both women and imprisoned them at Cu Se district police station. On August 5, 2007, the authorities released H’Blat Rmah but H’Lin Rmah still remains in prison. As Christians these women could not abandon their Christian brother who had been starving in the jungles and thus today we do not yet know whether they were tortured. More information on their welfare will be provided as it is received.