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Video of beheading used to threaten Christians
3rd-generation homeowners flee from Islamic warning

Iraq (for the full story, go to WorldNetDaily) An international ministry organization reaching out to Christians in Iraq is reporting that the pressure from Muslims on Christians to abandon their faith or their homes is rising, with videos of actual beheadings used to threaten believers.

The newest report from the organization describes the experience of Iraqi Christian dentist Shamir (a pseudonym). He got a letter condemning him for not being a Muslim.

“It said that he was impure because he was not a Muslim. It said he should leave the country immediately or face the consequences. And if he and his family hadn’t left their house within eight hours, they would die,” the report said.

“He felt rage and fear. Leave the house where his family lived for three generations! He had lived in Dora his whole life. It was the Christian district of Baghdad. Who did those guys think they were?” continue the report. “He remembered the story of one of his neighbors. They had not fled when the first letter appeared. After a few days, armed men came in and killed their dog. His neighbors left their house the same day. Within a few hours a Muslim family moved into the house.”

Then, the report said, “Shamir” picked up a DVD enclosed with the letter.

“The DVD started with some verses from the Quran. Then he saw a young man sitting on his knees. The man was interrogated by an armed man wearing balaclavas (headgear covering the entire head, exposing only the face or upper part of it). The young man said he was a Christian. He lived and worked in Baghdad . Then the men explained to him that he was going to die.

“Shamir had not heard his wife coming in. ‘What are you watching, Shamir?’ she asked, but her question went unanswered as he vomited. Before their eyes, the young man was beheaded. Amal was sick, too. ‘We have to flee,’ Shamir whispered. ‘Pack only what is really necessary.'”

Open Doors reported that within six hours Shamir was driving to Kurdistan with all that he possessed, completing his journey at an unheated home in a mountain village where his children cannot go to school because they don’t speak the language.

Open Doors said it estimates about 3,000 refugees flee each day to northern Iraq , and 40 percent of those are Christians.

“These figures are based on information from inside Iraq and other sources, but are very difficult to verify,” the ministry said. “The figures are a good indication, however, of the present situation of the church in Iraq .”

The organization said historically Christian neighborhoods, such as Dora, now have been “religiously cleansed” of most Assyrian Christians.