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Two Pakistanis released from jail after 9 years detention in murder case

By Michael Ireland

8/17/07 Pakistan (ANS) — Two young Pakistani men, who were as teenagers charged and imprisoned on murder charges, have been released from jail.

Sohail Johnson, Chief Coordinator for Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan (SLMP), says the ministry served both Christian men and their families throughout their detention.

Nadeem was just 14-years-old and Hamad was about 17 ½ years old when they were arrested in a murder case.

On May 2, 1988, a Muslim man named Mohammad Iqbal rushed into a Church building in Kasul District in order to save his life. He was naked and some people were beating him at that time; he entered the building for the sake of his safety.

Johnson said: “Pastor’s wife of the church saw him and started shouting people from Christian community and Muslims got together there and tortured him as he was completed naked. Mohammad was addicted of alcohol and hashish, etc.”

Iqbal was transported to the local hospital, but did not survive and passed away.

Johnson told ASSIST News that Mohammad Iqbal’s brother had the case registered vide First Information Report No. 143 dated May 2nd, 1998, offence under section 302/34 of Pakistan Penal Code with Police Station B/ Division District Kasur.

According to Johnson, Iqbal’s brother accused Nadeem and another Christian named as Hamad, son of Yousaf. The trial was conducted in session court and the court convicted them to life (25 Years) imprisonment on July 30, 2002.

Nadeem’s father filed appeal against the decision of trial court in the High Court Lahore, the judge of High Court, on December 11, 2003 reduced the conviction of Nadeem and Hamad to 10 years imprisonment. It is pertinent to mention here that Hamad did not file any appeal in High Court but the Judge made the decision by himself to give this benefit to Hamad.

Johnson continued; “They were sent to Borstal Jail Faisalabad. Hamad was transferred to Central Jail Lahore after six months detention in Borstal Jail Faisalabad when he turned to 18 years of age. While Nadeem turned 18 after being about four years in the Borstal jail Faisalabad . When he reached 18 years of age he was moved to Central Jail Faisalabad. It is pertinent to mention here that there is not a facility of study in Central Jail Lahore and that’s why Nadeem was transferred to the Central Jail in Faisalabad .”

Nadeem did his matriculation and afterwards completed the Faculty of Arts in the Juvenile Borstal Jail in Faisalabad with the help of SLMP, Johnson said.

“He also did a Basic Bible Course in the jail. SLMP’s Pastor in Faisalabad has been visiting Nadeem and Hamad in the prison during their detention for their moral support. On the other hand SLMP’s Pastor in Kasur District has been visiting and sharing God’s word among their families. Both of families have been supported financially on monthly basis by SLMP.”

After his release, Nadeem visited SLMP along with his father on August 10, 2007. He said, “I am very thankful for all SLMP did for me and my family. It was really great help; it was really very difficult to survive in such miserable conditions without SLMP’s help. I cannot forget the years I spent in the jail. It is by God’s grace He protected me in the jail, otherwise jail life is not out of danger especially for underage guys. I am also thankful for all the team members of SLMP for their moral support. I did not feel that I was alone as team was in contact with me.”

Nadeem said that he wants to carry on with his studies. “In future I wish to serve my fellow prisoners still in the jail.” He added: “I feel it is the blessing of God that Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan’s team remained in touch with me.”

Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan (SLMP) supported him in his studies by providing him books, copies, etc., and paying his admission fee to take the examination. He did his matriculation in 2004 and took the Intermediate examination this year (2007). He is still waiting for the results.

SLMP urges all prayer partners to pray for Nadeem that May God provide him resources for further study and grant him His heavenly wisdom. SLMP wishes him a bright and successful future.