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Gaza Christian kidnapped, forced to marry Muslim; …

by Mark Kelly

NASHVILLE , Tenn. (Baptist Press)–A Christian university professor in Gaza was kidnapped, forced to marry a Muslim professor at the same university and now her family is being told she wants no contact with them unless they convert to Islam.
Sana al-Sayegh, head of the Science and Technology Department at Gaza City ‘s Palestine International University , disappeared June 24, according to Palestinian Authority officials and the woman’s family. Five days later, she contacted her family to say she was being held against her will so she could be married to a Muslim man.
Officials of Gaza ‘s Hamas government denied the charge, but her family says she would never willingly convert to Islam, according to Mission Network News. A few days after the phone call, they received a copy of conversion documents signed by two witnesses, one of which is the president of the university. Requests from Sayegh’s family and Christian leaders for a meeting with Hamas leaders were denied.
Returning to Christianity is a crime worthy of death in many Muslim societies. The kidnapping, rape, “marriage” and “conversion” of Christian girls and women is a common occurrence in some predominantly Muslim countries.