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Evangelical Pastor from US To Be Expelled from Israel for Suspicion of Missionary Work

Israel (for teh full story, go to the Jerusalem Post) Rob and Carol Cantrell have been in Israel for 14 years working for Bridges for Peace and Shalom Shalom Jerusalem.
Israeli Interior ministry officials reportedly said the decision was made following suspicisons they were involved in missionary activity.

We expect this in Saudi Arabia but not in Israel . Israel has just lost its moral high ground and now has no standing in criticizing the Saudis, Iran, or any other Islamic country for their religious intolerance.
Please call the Israeli embassy now. Do not give the Israelis a pass because they are God’s chosen or any other excuse. Christians need to fight persecution and religious intolerance whether it comes from the Saudis or from Israel .

For a Western democracy and a nation born out of religious persecution to pull this stunt is outrageous (and yes we understand they have a policy against proselytizing).
So do Iran and the Saudis and Pakistan .
Please call the embassy and protest now.

Israel Embassy (
3514 International Dr NW
Washington , DC 20008

(202) 364-5500