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International Meeting Demands Global Caliphate For Muslim Nations

ICC Note: International meeting of Muslims in Indonesia continues its call for Indonesia and other countries to become Islamic states and implement Sharia law.

JAKARTA (UCAN) — “Khilafah … Khilafah … Khilafah (caliphate in Arabic). It is high time for khilafah to lead the world. Allahu Akbar! (God is great),” chanted participants of an international conference of an Islamist group.

As some chanted religious verses praising God and waving banners, members of Hizbut Tahrir (Party of Liberation) shouted that Muslims need Shari’a (Islamic law) and khilafah (caliph-led Islamic government that applies Shari’a), “and it is high time for Muslims to lead the world, especially in Indonesia.”

The international movement of Sunni Muslims known as Hizbut Tahrir (Party of Liberation) aims to unite all Muslim nations within a single caliphate, a unitary Islamic state ruled by an elected caliph and governed by Islamic law.

Apart from about 100,000 members of Hizbut Tahrir from Muslim strongholds such as Indonesia , Malaysia , Palestine and Sudan , other participants came from Australia , Denmark , England , Japan and Singapore to attend the 2007 International Khilafah Conference on Aug. 12 in Central Jakarta .

At the opening of the meeting, whose theme was “It’s High Time For Khilafah To Lead The World,” Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, the Indonesia spokesman of Hizbut Tahrir, said that the conference was not designed as a show of force or size, “but (rather) a medium for Indonesian Muslims to express their commitment to Shari’a and ukhuwah (Islamic brotherhood).”

Din Syamsuddin, chairman of Muhammadiyah , Indonesia ‘s second-largest Islamic organization, noted that Muslims still face many challenges and obstacles in various fields. This should make the participants feel united, not sad, he said. He urged Muslims in Indonesia and around the world not to be trapped into hostilities due to differences between Muslim groups.

Syamsuddin explained that the essence of khilafah is the unity of Muslims. Muslims should not be divided, and khilafah can be realized in various ways, he said. He acknowledged “it is not easy to realize unity,” and said Muslims should accept” their differences “and face them fully with tolerance….”

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