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Egyptian Surgeon Held Hostage By Saudi Government Released

Saudis Grant Exit Visa After ICC Breaks Story

8/15/07 Saudi Arabia/Egypt (International Christian Concern) – We have just learned that an Egyptian Christian surgeon that had been held captive by the Saudi government is on his way home after ICC publicized his story.

We received confirmation today that he has landed in Cairo , Egypt , and is now with his family, thanks to many calls from concerned individuals to Saudi embassies around the world.

Dr. Mamdooh Fahmy had been a surgeon at Albyaan Menfhoh Medical Center in Riyadh but had been removed from his position six months ago by the Muttawa after it was discovered he was a Christian.

Below is his description of his arrest.

“On April 12, 2005, I had a surprise visit from three Saudi officials at work. Two were in civilian attire and one was a police officer. They informed me that they were from the morals policing organization [Muttawa]. They proceeded to insult me publicly before the staff and patients of the medical center. They confiscated my wallet, cell phone and keys. They handcuffed me, shacked [sic] my legs and dragged me to a waiting car, then proceeded to my residence.

“While the police officer and I remained in the vehicle, the two civilians raided my house, confiscating all written and published materials (books, notes, etc). I was then taken to the police station on where I was formally accused of being a Christian missionary and of consuming alcoholic beverages at work. I was placed in solitary confinement for five days. After my confinement they began the interrogation process. Each time I was questioned, I was cursed and insulted. The interrogator referred to me as ‘Infidel.”

A source close to the story exclaimed, “It is a miracle! I cried when I heard he was on the plane.”

Jeff King, ICC President, said, “We are thrilled at the news that Dr. Fahmy is back home with his family after being held hostage in Saudi Arabia for almost two years.

This shows how important it is for western Christians to speak up for their persecuted brothers and sisters. It was thanks to everyone who called and pressured the Saudis that our brother is home. Keep him in prayer as he readjusts to life in Egypt , which is becoming increasingly hostile to Christians as well.”