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Islamic Fundamentalists Against Miss Universe “Symbol Of Adultery”

ICC Note: Christiansand moderate Muslims in Indonesia fear that protests against events viewed as “not Sharia” indicate a growing effort to put Indonesia under Sharia law.

by Mathias Hariyadi
8/13/07 Indonesia (AsiaNews) – Islamic fundamentalists have protested against the presence of Miss Universe 2007 in Bandung, judged to be “a symbol of the world’s adultery and pornography”. Frightened by these threats the Japanese native Miss Universe Riyo Mori, cancelled a charity evening which was to have taken place today…

Hundreds protested yesterday in Bandung , West Java , where various fundamentalist Islamic groups are operative and often promote openly anti-Christian campaigns. Among those taking part in the anti Miss Universe protest: the Islamic Youth Movement (GPI), the Bandung Adultery Watchdog (BMW), and the Indonesian Muslim Student’s Movement Unity (KAMMI)…As in other demonstrations “against events which violate Sharia”, before taking to the streets the protesters gathered at the Al Ukhuwah Great Mosque.

Yesterdays protest is not an isolated event and once again underlines attempts to introduce Islamic Law into the world’s most populous Muslim nation. In Indonesia the Islamic rooted Prosperous Justice (PKS) continues to support a controversial anti-pornography bill, which sanctions as illegal all acts considered “sexually provocative”. For their part, the religious and ethnic minorities as well as moderate Muslims warn: this proposed law is the first step towards the creation of an Islamic State along Saudi lines and totally opposes the Constitution which defines Indonesia as a secular state, as does a long tradition of tolerance and pluralism in society. According to Lily Zarkiyah Miner, a Muslim intellectual, attempts are a foot to conform Islam and identify it with the Arab world.

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