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Rejected for accepting Christ

By James Varghese

8/1/07 India (BosNewsLife) — “I was cast out from my society for accepting Christ,” says Muthyappa, a helper fabricator who attends a church at Gokak in Karnataka state, India .

Muthyappa accepted Christ as his personal Savior, along with his family, some six years ago. The news of his acceptance of Christ spread throughout in their community and the elders called all the people in the society for a meeting to drive him out for accepting Jesus.

The elders claimed that he had accepted a “foreign religion,” and also that he had dishonored the Hindu faith “and hence he is not fit to be a part of our religion and he needs to be kicked out from the company of his family and community.” …

Muthyappa made his way out along with his wife and his three children, with only a few pairs of clothing. Seeing his commitment to Christ, his sister left the family and followed Muthyappa.

He told me that he was “holding on” to the verse from Psalm 27:10, “When the father and mother forsake me, Then the Lord will take care of me.”

Not knowing where to go, he searched for some labor to try and support his family and got work as a helper to a fabricator where he earns only Rs 60 a day($1.5USD).

Talking to ANS Muthyappa said, “I am deeply troubled and do not understand how to take care of my expenses for my family. The house that I live in is not in good condition. It falls down if there is heavy rain and wind. It fell down one night upon my kids and me as we were sleeping.

“I approached the government for help, but they neglected me. My children often get ill as the rain water drips from the roof and often my whole earnings are spent for hospital expenses for them. I cannot withstand the harassment from the government officials who comes to my house asking me to vacate this place. If I vacate I will be left out on streets with my wife and children. I know Jesus knows my situation and I believe that He will surely help me.”

The life that Muthyappa lives is terrible. His children hardly have anything to eat. His house leaks with water and his children have to sleep on the wet muddy floor. They cannot send their kids for proper schooling. They don’t even have the proper clothes to wear.

Muthyappa has asked for prayer from God’s people around the world to pray for his condition that God may help for his needs and bless him. Muthyappa says, “I know that prayer works miracles. I have seen it work and I ask for prayer support from brothers and sisters around the world for God to work wonders in our situation.” …

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