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Pakistani Church Growing Despite Persecution

ICC Note: In the midst of persecution and political unrest, Christians in Pakistan stand firm in their faith and Muslims continue to convert to Christianity.

By Gary Lane

7/30/07 Pakistan (CBN News) — American and NATO Helicopters whipping down on the Pakistan/Afghan border – it’s a sound the Taliban and Islamic extremists hate to hear and see.

There’s only one thing that upsets them even more – the baptism of one more Muslim deciding to become a follower of Christ. It’s becoming a more frequent occurrence these days in Muslim dominated Pakistan .

Christians discipled a man we’ll call “David” for nearly five years. He told CBN News he has decided to follow Christ even though he knows it could cost him his life.

Islamic militants recently shot a man we’ll call “James” 11 times because the convert was sharing Christ with Muslims. Miraculously he survived the shooting but his left arm had to be amputated.

“The doctor was surprised I had survived because I only had 1 ½ pints of blood left. I told him God’s power within me gives me life.” James said.

Some Pakistani Christians fear radicals may target them for attack because of the Government’s crackdown against Islamic militants. Nearly 300 people were killed by suicide attacks and other bombings in Pakistan after the army’s siege of Islamabad ‘s Red Mosque…

Despite ongoing unrest and political uncertainty in Pakistan , Christian Evangelists like “James” say they’ll press on. They prefer to confront the Taliban and other Muslim extremists with Bibles rather than bullets.

“James” insists the attempt on his life and loss of his arm will not deter him from sharing the Gospel.

“God is providing me with a new arm. I am very thankful. I will work for the kingdom of God .”

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