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Christian Murdered by a Muslim in Pakistan

ICC Note: Christian lured to gate while working overtime, shot and killed by Muslim colleague who had pressured him to convert to Islam a month before.

7/26/07 Pakistan (VOMC) – Patras Masih was shot and killed in Lahore in the early morning of June 27. According to a July 23 report from Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan , Masih was working overtime at a factory when he received a cell phone call. When he went to the main gate to meet with a Muslim colleague, he was gunned down. According to Masih’s father, the Muslim man had pressured Masih to convert one month prior to his death. Masih is survived by his parents and was an only child.

Pray that those who knew and loved Patras will know comfort, peace and boldness as deep as their grief. Pray that Christians in Pakistan will be strengthened to follow in his example of faithfulness to Christ at all cost (1 Corinthians 4:9-14,16).