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Jay Sekulow of ACLJ Warns Christians to Act Now
Rev. Michael Bresciani

United States (American Chronicle) In the early days of continental ballistic missiles the only deterrent to them was known as the anti-continental ballistic missile. In this day of ACLU wrangling and Christian bashing the top anti-intercontinental ballistic missile for religious freedoms in America is the ACLJ, hands down.

It is comforting to know the ACLJ is with us in today’s climate of Christianity bashing, but according to Jay Sekulow the head of ACLJ we shouldn’t get too comfortable. In recent radio and TV broadcasts of the ACLJ, Sekulow has urged Christians to act now on issues such as freedom for U.S. military chaplains and attacks against religious symbols and literature in schools and public places.

Sekulow has pointed out that to witness or share the gospel in the military is easier if you are just an enlisted servicemen or officer. The chaplains have been seriously curtailed which makes no sense because it is they who are expected to represent the gospel to soldiers who are either in harms way or may be in the near future.

At a time when schools are making concession for Muslim and Hindu students so they can wear jewelry or garb related to their faith, Christians are being told just the opposite. Tee shirts, stickers, or jewelry that reflects faith in Jesus Christ is being prohibited and singled out. The ACLJ has undertaken representation in many of these cases. There are an alarming number of such cases pending in the courts and much support is necessary to keep these cases updated.

Sekulow is calling for financial support but that is not all. He always urges Christians to pray and is not afraid to say that without the prayers America would be sliding away faster than it is already.

The details of the much disputed “Hate Crimes” bill is clearly defined by the ACLJ and it is impossible to miss the fact that if this kind of law becomes the law of the land then we are not too far from the Orwellian “Big Brother” kind of society that no one will be able to endure.

Sekulow is quick to note that Christians in America are all too happy just to stay involved with ecclesiastical affairs and they fluff off involvement with the law, civil matters or politics. The ACLU and similar organizations are attacking America’s religious freedoms with a new and heretofore unprecedented fervor. The call to action by the ACLJ is by no means exaggerated in these times.

Jay Sekulow has a unique approach in all the cases the ACLJ undertakes. He has repeatedly emphasized on the ACLJ’s radio and TV broadcasts that his strategy is not singular. He says that if one strategy doesn’t work then they will simply try another one, but there is no quitting. It should not be hard for believers to get behind this kind of dogged persistence.

Pastor John Hagee has been heard to say that God gave man two ends. One is his head the other is his behind. He says that we can use our heads for the glory of God or sit on our behinds and do nothing. It is what makes true the saying “heads you win, tails you lose.” Jay Sekulow is calling for the church to go with “heads you win.”

Jay Sekulow’s call to the church to take action is no more than the words that Jesus spoke to all seven churches in the book of Revelation, regardless of what state they were in, each call was appendaged with these words, “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” Re 3: 22