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50-year-old Indian Christian stoned and beaten to death in Kerala

By Michael Ireland

7/25/07 India (ANS) — An argument over a stray cow led to the beating death of a middle-aged Christian believer in Kerala , India .

According to a report from the Salem Voice Ministries News Service, a group of seven Hindu youth forcibly entered a Christian house and killed the houseowner on July 23 at Helibriya, near Elappara in the Highrange District called Idukki of Kerala state in India .

Paulraj was beaten to death following an argument over a stray cow.

It all started when a few days ago Paulraj’s cow entered Raju’s cultivated land. Raju became angry and cruelly beat the cow. There followed a quarrel going between the two men.

In connection with this incident, Prince, the younger son of Paulraj and Soman and the son of Raju had a fight on Monday evening. Suddenly Raju gathered a group of men and they entered the house of Paulraj to kill him.

Paulraj tried to escape when the attackers came to the house, but they stoned him as he was falling fallen down. Then the attackers beat him to death with steel pipes and sticks. Prakash, the elder son of Paulraj told Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service.

Maria Selvi, wife of Paulraj was also severely beaten by the suspected attackers.

The dead body of Paulraj was sent to Kottayam Medical College for the post mortem.

“Raju is a fanatic and gathers Hindu youths to give training against Christians,” says a local Christian, who was afraid to give his name.

P.K.G. Simon, the Deputy Superintendent of Police of Kattappana, is investigating the case. Raju, Balan, Anil Kumar, Pal, Sibin, Soman and Anish were arrested.

Rev. Paul Ciniraj, the President of the Christian Ministers of the Churches of India (CMCI) and Director of Salem Voice Ministries, condemned the incident. He visited the victim’s house and prayed for the family members that they may be sealed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ for a mighty protection. He acknowledged the quick police action in arresting the suspects.