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Pastors attacked in Hyderabad

ICC note: Attacks against pastors and Christian workers has been on the increase in South India in recent times.

7/20/07 INDIA (PersecutionUpdateIndia) – On July 16th evening, Pastor Issac and his associate Yedbiz belonging to the Bethel Church were returning after visiting a sick family in Afzul gunj area, Charminar, Hyderabad. On their way back, around 5 RSS men blocked their way and thrashed them and abused them of religious conversion. Pastor Issac managed to escape from the site, but his companion Yedbez was dragged by them to the local police station where he is put in jail on the false complaint of allegedly converting people to Christianity.

Yedbez is denied bail even after a friend of his, a military personnel requested the police to set him free on police bail