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‘Prevent Conversion Activity by Missionaries,’ says top Indian judge

By James Varghese
7/16/07 India (ANS) – A top Indian judge has claimed that Christian ministries are using bribes of money and “false hopes” to covert poor Indians in the villages and slums in India.

This claim was reported in The Hindu newspaper which said the claim was made Ex Chief Justice Rama Jois of India, in a meeting in Bangalore on July 13th.

He was speaking in a meeting held by the priests of all the Hindu temples from Karnataka state, and organized to discuss on “How to prevent conversion activity.”

He said, “The constitution of India gives freedom for everyone to express their views, thoughts and preach any religion and freedom to accept any religion of their choice. It has not given the provision to convert people of other faiths to their religion by force or by the above said means (money, clothing and medical help).

“But conversion activities are taking place in the form of educational, medical and financial help. The people of India need to come forward to prevent this activity from going on in India and take strong action by protesting against this activity.”

Christian groups in India, however, reject this claim and say that they do not use this tactics to see people come to Christ.