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Three House Church Buildings in Zhejiang Facing Imminent Destruction by Government

ICC Note: As the 2008 Olympics approach the Chinese government continues its efforts to stamp out Christianity, unless the Church recognizes the communist party as the supreme authority in Church matters.

7/17/07 China (China Aid) – CAA learned three well-known Prayer Mountain church buildings in Yongjia county, Wenzhou city of Zhejiang province are facing imminent destruction by the local government.

According to reliable local church sources in Wenzhou , the three buildings built about 10 years ago in three different mountains were used primarily as prayer mountain churches. Believers go up there everyday. And up to 800 believers usually gather at every building once a month.

Sources told CAA that because there are more house churches than the government sanctioned churches, the local government has been determined to destroy these church buildings by accusing the believers as “evil cult”…

From 1997 to 2003, the local government had either destroyed with bombs or occupied 11 house church buildings at Yongjia County alone….

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