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Fr. Benedetti: We Are Awaiting “Positive Developments” For Fr. Bossi

ICC Note: The Philippine government has made contact with Fr. Bossi’s kidnappers and is engaged in negotiations. His release is expected, but no firm timeline has been established.

7/17/07 Philippines (AsiaNews) – “I can confirm the cautious optimism expressed yesterday and I confide that any moment may bring the good news of Fr. Giancarlo Bossi’s release, even if evening had fallen here and we still have no news of new developments in the case”. Zambonaga based PIME missionary Fr. Luciano Benedetti tells AsiaNews, that the release may take place “within the next two weeks”, even if it is still impossible “to make sure statements about it”.

The military and government are currently negotiating with the kidnappers for the release of Fr. Bossi, but the situation remains “very delicate” and the PIME confreres are “entrusting themselves to prayer” so that the Italian missionary will soon be released….

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