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7/13/07 India (Persecution Update India)– Pastor Kalvin along with believer Mr. Babu was attending worship in Mrs. Jayamma, a believers house in Badravati, Karnataka, After the worship and meal, while they were about to leave, a Hindu radical came and threatened pastor Kalvin with serious consequences if he continue to visit Mrs. Jayamma.s house. After about an hour, a group of about 5 radical Hindus gathered, threaten and intimidated another believer named Appu. The radical Hindus also lodged a verbal complaint of forceful religious conversion against the pastor and believers with the New town Police station. The Police got in touch with Pastor Kalvin and asked him to report to the police station. The police officials spoke to the pastor and advised him not to visit the area for religious purpose.
Pastor was let off by about 7.30 pm after about an hour of detention.