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Eritrean Pastor Released

ICC Note

Eritrean authorities released a pastor and others who were detained with him but there are thousands of Christians still imprisoned in that country.

July 11 Eritrea (The Voice of The Martyrs)-The Voice of the Martyrs has learned of the release from prison of Pastor Michael Abraha and most of those who were imprisoned with him at the end of May in the town of Dekemhare . Pastor Abraha is a well-known Bible teacher and one of the key leaders of the Kale-Hiwot Church in Eritrea . At least twenty Christians, including several young children, were arrested at the time. While VOMC welcomes the release of Pastor Abraha and many of those who were detained, we remain concerned over those who remain in prison as well as those who were reportedly detained when they came to visit these prisoners. According to Release Eritrea , they have been taken to the prisons at the Wea military training camp which is notorious for its harsh conditions.


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