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7/11/070 MEGHALAYA, INDIA (ANS) A 13-year-old boy was murdered by thieves during a botched robbery attempt at the home of a Christian family in Meghalaya, India. The incident occurred Monday, July 9, when the boy happened upon a group of thieves attempting to steal his family’s pigs. When the thieves realized the boy had seen them, they stabbed him to death.
The boy and his family are members of a Gospel for Asia-affiliated church in Meghalaya.

The police have identified the killer and arrested three others thought to be associated with the crime.
The boy’s funeral service, which was led by GFA’s Meghalaya state leader, was conducted Wednesday, July 11. The leaders in that area request prayer for the boy’s family during this time of grief. They also request prayer that the thieves and the murderer would repent of their sins and come to know the Lord as their Savior.