Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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7/10/07 Bangladesh (MNN) — Muslims in northwest Bangladesh have been reacting violently to Christian converts from Islam in their region.

Following a public baptismal service in the village of Durbachari Bhatiapara, mosque authorities reacted by banning Christians from using the village well, the area’s only source of potable water.

Tensions came to a head three weeks ago when a mob of angry Muslims attacked ten believers and beat them.

According to Compass Direct, local human rights advocates appealed for an investigation and security restoration. A senior constable also met with Muslims and Christians to promote some cooperation.

The reports indicated that the official was able to stress the need for religious tolerance, reminding everyone that all Bangladeshis have religious liberty and promising to take action against persecutors. Though peace has been restored, the Christians are separated from the community, and their children can no longer attend the madrassah, the only school in the area.

World Evangelical Alliance says Muslim hostility remains, so they’re praying for God to protect His servants and soften and open Muslim hearts to the Gospel.