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7/9/07 RAJASTHAN, INDIA (ANS) Growing up in Rajasthan, North India, Kushal’s childhood was traumatic. His parents fought frequently. Finally, his father brought another woman home and drove his family away. The turn of events left young Kushal emotionally devastated.
Adding to his troubles, Kushal was one of India’s “Untouchables”— a Dalit, scorned and mistreated by upper-caste society. Despite his underprivileged status, Kushal was able to study in his village school up to the eighth grade and then continue his studies at a hostel designed to help low-caste and tribal children receive an education. But as he was finishing his schooling, he was unexpectedly summoned back home to help arrange his sister’s marriage; as man of the family, this important task fell on Kushal. For two years, Kushal worked hard as a day laborer to provide for his sister’s dowry.

Later, Kushal himself got married to Suchitra, the daughter of a Hindu priest. But just days after his marriage, his wife began to be attacked by evil spirits. Deeply grieved, Kushal appealed to witch doctors, spending his meager earnings on their services. Yet to his great disappointment, nothing seemed to be working.

Meanwhile, Suchitra’s parents took her back to their home so they could perform the traditional rituals of their religion.

During this time, Kushal encountered a missionary who shared the Gospel and encouraged him to trust in Jesus. As the message penetrated deep into Kushal’s weary heart, he began to believe Jesus could heal his wife, and he asked his in-laws to send her back to him.

But they refused. Although his wife’s condition seemed to remain the same, Kushal was beginning to know the joy and peace of the Lord’s presence, and he received Jesus as Lord and Savior. Responding to God’s call on his life, Kushal later enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bible college.

Because Kushal is now a Christian, Suchitra’s family refuses to allow her to ever return to him. But Kushal is grateful to know and serve the One who cherishes him as a Dalit and can always be trusted. And he is eager to see others, including his wife, know this God who has given him hope.

GFA leaders are requesting prayer for the reuniting of Kushal and Suchitra, her deliverance from evil spirits, and the salvation of Suchitra and her parents.