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First photos of Fr Bossi show he is alive

ICC Note: Fr. Bossi’s abductors make their first contact with Philippine authorities. While no demands have been made, Fr. Bossi is believed to be alive.

7/9/07 Phillipines (AsiaNews) – A few photos of Fr Giancarlo Bossi were delivered today to Fr Gianni Sandalo, PIME regional superior for the Philippines . In one photo, a thinner Father Bossi is seen looking into the camera. In two other he is seen holding a radio. It is almost a month since he was abducted.

According to Father Sandalo the photos were certainly taken after he was abducted and are evidence that the priest is alive.

Unlike recent speculation about possible contacts with the kidnappers that turned out to be unreliable or false, it is probable that a channel of communication has been established with the kidnappers since the photos were passed on through the Filipino army.

Copies of the photos of the abducted Father were also given to the former Italian Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Margherita Boniver, who is in the Philippines working with the Filipino government to obtain the priest’s release….

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