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2 House Church Leaders Sentenced to 1 Year Re-education through Labor in Shandong

ICC Note: According to the Chinese government, holding a church service equates to “using an evil cult to obstruct the law” and requires 12 months of hard labor.

7/9/07 China (China Aid) – CAA learned that 2 House Church leaders were sentenced to 1 year re-education through labor on June 29 in Shandong Province .

According to official notification paper sent to family members, the two church leaders have been sent to Re-education through Labor Camp of Jining City of Shandong province to serve their sentence. The paper issued by Re-education through Labor (Lao Jiao) Management Committee of the People’s Government of Heze City said pastor ZHANG Geming and pastor SUN Qingwen were accused using an evil cult to obstruct the law. Their re-education through labor time starts from June 29, 2007 and ends on June 14, 2008.

According to house church sources, both pastors are evangelical missionaries sent from Henan to Shandong province. They were detained on June 15 along with 4 other local church leaders when they had a worship service together. The 4 local pastors were released on July 1 after being forced to have paid 10000yuan($1300) fine.

Meanwhile, in Shanxi province, two forcibly held church leaders are likely to be sentenced to re-education through labor soon. Pastor Zhou Jieming and pastor Niu Wenbin have been accused as “suspects of using an evil cult to obstruct of the law” and put in criminal detention since June 10. On June 9, 2007, the two ministers along with 12 other church leaders were detained while they were distributing Bibles in a market place in Jiaocheng county, Shanxi province. 4 of them were eventually released at the same day. 6 more church leaders were released on June 15 from their detention center without any legal paper or explanation from the PSB…

Inquires and concerns can be raised to the following Chinese government officials:

Mr. WU Heping deputy Chief of Staff, Ministry of Public Security +86-10- 66262549

Mr. WANG Lixian, chief of staff, Ministry of Justice +86-10- 65206706

Mr. HU Keming, Chief Administrative Secretary, State Council +86-10- 63097477

Mr. GUO Wei, Director of Foreign Affairs Department, State Administration on Religious Affairs 86+10- 64095157

Mr. LIU Baoju, Deputy Director, Department of Propaganda of Communist Party Shandong province +86-531-82062258

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