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Tensions on the rise in Thailand
ICC Note: Muslim bombers have been arrested in Thailand . A debate exists concerning a new anti-terror law and its potential use.

By: Charles Wallendahl.
7/8/07 Thailand (Religious Intelligence) – On Tuesday July 3, seven bomb-makers were arrested in the largely Muslim South at a religious boarding School.
Army spokesman, Col Akara Thiprote claimed that the ‘raid has saved a lot of innocent people’s lives.’ The insurgency has already claimed 2,300 lives in the past three years, and violent events have become a regularity.
The british Foreign Office has advised against all but essential travel to the southern provinces of Pattni, Yala, Noarathiwat and Songkhla.
In a bid to resolve matters a new law was proposed yesterday allowing the army to exercise political power behind the scenes even after election of a new civilian government.
The Army would retain more power, which could be necessary due to the changing circumstances in the south. Supporters say that such a bill to prevent security threats by others similar to the bomb makers is now necessary.
Analysts argue that the bill provides a way for the Generals to keep the power gained after the coup….

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