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ICC note: More incidents and threats against believers in Iraq. Thousands haev already fled but a few remain. Keep them in your prayers.

7/5/07 Iraq (Assyrian International)– A statement by an Islamic group that calls itself the Islamic Emirate of Mosul threatened to kidnap or kill all Christians, whether Students or employees, in Mosul University if they did not leave the university campus in three days.

According to the statement that was posted on city streets, the Islamic group threatened as well all Christians living in Mosul to leave the city within three days or the group will behead any Christian who will remain in the city.

The Islamic Emirate of Mosul had killed four Christians living in the al-Sa’aa and al-Yarmook quarters of the right littoral of the city; after they were kidnapped their bodies were found in the Wadi ‘Aaqab cemetery. The group had killed as well two Christians who arrived from Hamdaniya District to Mosul where they worked. The said group murdered another female Christian employee of the Iraqi Central Bank in Mosul.