Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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By Dan Wooding
7/5/07 LONDON, UK (ANS) A former Imam [head of a Muslim community] is warning that extremists are aiming to establish Sharia law in the UK – and that Britain has become the world “number one target” for Islamic strategists.
According to story from Release International, “Sharia law – strict Islamic law – is gaining ground in many nations, resulting in a challenge to basic human freedoms. In Pakistan, a bill that would impose the death penalty on any Muslim man who changes his faith has passed its first reading. A Muslim woman who converted to another faith would face life imprisonment.”

Sam Solomon, a former Imam and Islamic lawyer now living in the West, raises concerns of creeping Islamization in the UK. He has written a special report on Islam in the latest edition of Witness magazine, published by Release International, a Christian ministry to the persecuted church.

He writes: “The UK is the number one target of Islamic strategies in the West (because) the former British Empire controlled some of the largest Muslim communities. Immigrants from these countries… have taken full advantage of Britain’s liberal politics.”

Sam Solomon raises concerns that the militants’ aim is to establish Sharia law in the UK, applying it first to Muslim communities, then extending to the entire population.

“It would be a huge mistake to say that Islam is just another religion like Judaism or Christianity,” he writes. “Islam is a whole system: a social, political, religious, economical, educational, legislative, judicial and military system… with regulations that govern every aspect of the lives of its adherents.”

Where Sharia law has been applied in Pakistan, Christians have been accused of blasphemy and girls and women face abduction and forced conversion. In Nigeria, extremists have burnt churches and targeted and killed Christians.

“From Afghanistan to Algeria, Indonesia to Iran, at best there is the insidious daily obstruction of the rights of Christians by marginalizing them to a low citizenship status, especially when it comes to jobs, or a place at university,” writes Solomon.

“We receive daily reports of the persecution of Christians in Islamic nations, especially where Sharia law – strict Islamic law – applies,” says Andy Dipper, Release International’s CEO. “We should be concerned about the increase of Islamic influence in our society because we love truth and righteousness and the freedom to worship God – not because we are afraid.”