Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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6/14/07 Pakistan (ICC)–Christians struggle to find a new place to bury their loved ones after a Christian graveyard was demolished in the village of Babliana , Pakistan . In the midst of 3,000 Muslim homes Christians in the village face discrimination and hatred in more ways than one.

Not only are gravesites totally destroyed but Christians are also segregated from Muslims in everyday life. From hairdressers refusing to cut the hair of Christians to Christians having to use different plates and glasses for food and water, this incident shows the ongoing persecution in the country. If Muslim Pakistanis cannot leave dead Christians alone it brings fear of what else they will do to the remaining Christians in the village.

“They are doing a disgrace to the cross and the graves. They are digging the graves with a bulldozer,” said an ICC source.

A member of the provincial assembly, Sadar Shokap Doger, is part of the bulldozing according to one ICC source.

The government will not do anything because government officials are involved. This also restricts the police from getting involved due to their fear of repercussions for helping Christians.

“The Muslim people claim that this village is only for the Muslims and Christians can’t believe here and they can’t bury the dead bodies in this village because this village is a Muslim village,” one source told ICC.

The government and the police have failed to come to the aid of the Christians not only in this village but throughout Pakistan . Reports of a young Christian man sodomized by Muslim men and brutal attacks with axes and guns against Christians are recent incidents of persecution.