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6/22/07 MAHARASHTRA, INDIA (ANS) An anti-Christian group of about 20 people drove onto the building site of a new Gospel for Asia Bible college in Maharashtra, India, and attempted to stop the construction of a fence. The group did not want the fence to go up because it would keep them from illegally using the Bible college’s property and well.
The anti-Christians had been squatting on government land located behind the Bible college property, and they were trying to take over the GFA property too.

“The mob came into the compound and forcibly stopped the fencing work, issuing threats against the workers,” said M.A. Lalachen, a GFA regional leader. “They think they can easily grab our land since we are a persecuted minority.”

When the group continued to hassle the construction crew, GFA leaders in the area called a government inspector to clearly define the lines between the government land and Bible college property. The inspector explained to the anti-Christian group that it was illegal for them to reside on the Bible college land. The group left, but not before issuing a threat.

“We will return to this property again soon,” the group said in an effort to intimidate the missionaries.

The GFA leaders involved with the construction of the Bible college request prayer that the anti-Christians will not return to persecute the believers or leaders in the area. They also ask for prayer for the smooth completion of the fence and buildings.