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ICC note: Indian man was brutally murdered after attending a prayer meeting.

6/22/07 Kerala , India (SVM News)– Joy Anthariyeth, 52, who was a strong worker of alcoholic prohibition movement and a Christian prayer team murdered on 15th of June at Konny in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala State in India .

The dead body was found at kavil junction nearby a bridge of a rivulet at Thannithodu.

Joy was a member of the action council to shut down the alcoholic toddy shop of Thannithodu. And also he was one of the active members of the SVM Prayer Fellowship.

Joy was brutally murdered when he was going back home on Friday night after attending a prayer meeting.

Police officials told Rev. Paul Ciniraj, the Director of the Salem Voice Ministries and SVM News Service that Joy was threatened several times by the toddy shop authorities for leading the agitation against the toddy shop for shutting it down.

“Joy was walking through the south side of the Kavil bridge on Friday, 15th of June. An eight member gooda team came by a scorpio car and pulled him through the bridge and beaten him. Joy tried to escape through the narrow path which is in between the Marthoma Church and the Federal Bank. But the attackers together beaten him severely till death and thrown the dead body from the bridge to the rivulet.” Police said.

N.Rajesh, the Circle Inspector of Konny investigated the case and arrested five of the murderers on Wednesday, the 20th of June. Other three are hiding.

Murderers are not only goondas, but they are Hindu extremists.

Somarajan who is also known as Karatte Madhu (37), Mohanan (47), Shibu (27), Sahadevan (36) and S. Animon (28) were the murderes arrested by the police. P.T. Biju (31), Santhosh (32) and Sunil (24) are the people still hiding