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ICC note: Ongoing persecution in Chiapas has caused Christian man to be killed by a crowd of thirty.

6/21/07 Mexico (VOMC)–A Christian named Lorenzo Lopez (20) was killed by local tribal people in the region of San Juan Chamula, Chiapas state on June 11, according to VOMC sources. Lopez, his brother, Juan Lopez, and his cousin, Juan Diaz Mendez, were visiting the area in order to repay a debt to a local man. Not finding the man at home, they decided to leave but were surrounded by approximately thirty local people who demanded to know why they were in the area. The crowd refused to believe their explanation, suspecting them of being evangelists, and beat them. Juan Lopez and Juan Diaz Mendez were able to flee but Lorenzo was captured, tortured, stoned and hanged. Two days later his body was found buried at the attack site.

Pray for comfort for those who mourn the loss of Lorenzo. Pray that the Lord will be exalted through this tragedy and that people in Chiapas , Mexico will be drawn to Him (Philippians 1:20).