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ICC note: Awareness day about the increased persecution of Christians in India hopes to encourage Christians.

6/21/07 New Delhi (AsiaNews) – a “Rights Day” Rally will be held in Bangalore on June 22nd, organised by the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC). Eminent speakers including participants from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, against the increasing Persecution of Christians in India .

In 2006, GCIC was granted affiliation of the United Nations, and includes the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India and the Universal Human Rights Organisation.The rising incidence of violence against Christians by sections of Indian society has been a cause for concern in the recent past. The states of Karnataka, Orissa, Maharashtra , Madhya Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh have seen a sharp increase in such instances in the past few months. Ruth Manorama recipient of the, 2006,’ Right Livelihood Award Recipient’ and well known women’s rights activist will be one of the speakers.

The Archbishop of Bangalore, Bernard Moras, is happy about the initiative and tells AsiaNews GCIC has been the ‘Voice’ of the Christian minority community in India . It has raised awareness of the whenever any aggression and oppression takes place on the Christians. I have personal knowledge, of their pro-active role they have taken time and time again here in Bangalore , combating the fundamentalists, securing justice and legal assistance and also medical assistance to the Christians who are being persecuted for their faith”.

“In the recent past, the Anti-Conversion Laws introduced in more states, the spiralling of Anti-Christians violence, the rise of fundamentalism are all causes of serious concern – continues the prelate – and the Government must and should recognise the ‘Rights of the Christian Minority the Country. Atrocities on any individual or community based on considerations of Caste, religion and region are totally unacceptable in a country which guarantees fundamental right of professing and practicing a religion one’s choice. Hence this ‘Rights Day of the GCIC is welcomed and recognised as the need of the hour.”

Rev. Sajan George, national President of GCIC told AsiaNews “It is timely and very meaningful to have this Rights Day rally in Bangalore . In our beloved Secular India, it is not unusual to hear almost everyday about violence, against the minority Christian population. We hope and pray that this meeting encourages every one to carry on bearing witness for Christ”.