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ICC Note: This kind of insanity is hard for Christians and Westerners to comprehend but is quite common in fundamentalist Islam. The reason we post it is to shed light on fundamentalist Islam and how it is quite prone to violence and persecution. The reason? It is encoded into the Koran and Hadith.

Having fled Iraq , she died at the hands of her father – and all because of a kiss

6/14/2007 UK For the full story, go to The Times Online (thanks to as well). Banaz Mahmod’s body was found in a suitcase after she refused to give in to her family

Dec 4, 2005 Banaz Mahmod tells police of her uncle’s threats to kill

Dec 5 Police visit her home. She asks them to leave, adding she does not want to pursue allegations

Dec 12 She gives police a letter naming potential killers

Dec 31 Her father tries to kill her but she flees. WPC Angela Cornes attends. Rahmat Sulemani records Miss Mahmod’s allegations. She returns to his home

Jan 2, 2006 She meets her sisters and mother and is persuaded to return home

Jan 22 A Kurdish gang threatens Mr Sulemani

Jan 23 He reports incident to Kennington police. Miss Mahmod tells Mitcham police of death threats. She refuses a place in a women’s hostel

6.30pm The couple speak secretly on mobile phone

Jan 24 Miss Mahmod is murdered. Police call at the family home. Her father says she is out

Jan 25 Police visit her parents who say they do not want to report her missing

Jan 26 Police class her as a high-risk missing person

Jan 27 Full-scale investigation is launched

April 28 Her body is found in a suitcase in Birmingham