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Pastor and Two Sisters Arrested for Praying in their House

Global Council of Indian Christians

6/7/07 India (Persecution Update India) – On 5th May 07 two sisters, Urmila Kirale and Dhoba Bhali, and other believers who were preparing to pray in their house were threatened during the day and later the same night during the prayer by a group of radicals.

Prayers were held at the house of Sister Urmila, in the village of Dargaon Chikli , Khargaon district of Madhya Pradesh. The RSS activists forcibly entered the house, started abusing the women present there, and stopped the prayer.

The next day, on May 6th, Pastor Kailash whose church the sisters go for worship, went to the Bardu police station to report about the incident of trespassing in to the private residence of the women. The Barud police, instead of resolving the issue promptly arrested the pastor and the sisters today morning at about 9am (7th June). Please call the police station +91 7282266736 for justice.

Please pray for the sisters and Pastor Kailash.