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ICC Note: If Al Qaeda is allowed to remain in Lebanon and not crushed, the Christians are doomed.

Al Qaeda Warns No Christian (Crusader) Will Be Safe In Lebanon

Lebanon (For the full story, go to YaLibnan) – A group calling itself al Qaeda’s wing in the Levant vowed to carry out bombings in Lebanon and attacks on Christians unless Beirut pulled its army away from Palestinian refugee camp in Nahr el-Bared .

. . .”What we want is that you order the Christian Lebanese army to pull its men from around all Palestinian camps and the Nahr al-Bared Camp in particular,” he said addressing Maronite Christian Partiarch Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir.

“If you do not stop we will wrench out your hearts with … bombs,” said the speaker whose face was covered with a chequered head dress and who had rifle magazines around his torso.

. . .The speaker described the army’s campaign as a “brutal … crusade under the pretext of fighting terrorism” and argued that Palestinians in Lebanon have always suffered discrimination.

The Qaeda campaign would target businesses “starting with tourism and ending with other means of making your rotten living”, said the militant who did not sound Lebanese.

Addressing Sfeir, the militant said: “Leash your dogs away from our kin and stop the fire of your canons, or else… No crusader (Christian) will be safe in Lebanon after today. As you hit you will be hit.”

. . .The Lebanese army is formed of all religious groups in Lebanon . The army comprises of Sunnni, Shiite, Druze and Christian Lebanese. According to Lebanese political observers , Al Qaeda is trying to make the local battle with the terrorists as a Christian Moslem issue which it is not. Al Qaeda is also using Psychological warfare in Lebanon , in trying to defend their allies ” Fatah al-Islam “.