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ICC Note: Please keep Christians in the Middle East in prayer. Especially that they would remain united and not let petty differences divide them.
Oppressed Christians Strategize Against Religious Domination

By Michelle Vu

Egypt-Lebanon-Iraq (For the full article, go to the Christian Post)– Persecuted Christians and other religious minorities gathered for an intimate coalition meeting on Saturday, May 19th to share their people’s current suffering and formulate strategies to combat religious intolerance around the world.

Egyptian, Iraqi, and Lebanese Christian activists and scholars were among the speakers of the Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights (CDHR) meeting. They shared about the injustice and violence against Christians in their homeland where Islam is the dominant religion.

Representatives of the Coptic population, which are the Orthodox Christians of Egypt, spoke about incidents of forced conversion to Islam through rape, marriage, change of legal name, and violence.

A frustrated Cameel Halim, chairman of the Coptic Assembly of America, said the situation in Egypt has for too long been “hidden under the table” and “no one knows what is going on.”

Halim spoke about a recent incident in Egypt where a mob of Muslims in a small village torched Christian homes and shops injuring at least ten Coptic Christians after hearing rumors that a church was to be repaired or built in the village.

“I, as an Egyptian, only feel ashamed that building or repairing a church caused a mob to burn houses,” said Halim, calling on the Coalition to help expose the Coptic situation to Congress.

Copts comprise about 10 million of Egypt ’s population of 77.5 million and is the largest group of Christians in the Middle East .