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From Montagnard to China, how have we dealt with Communist countries?

Vietnam (New Tang Dynasty Television) — Montagnard is the French word for “mountain dweller” or “mountain people”. The Central Highlands of Vietnam are the ancestral homelands of the Montagnard tribes, they were also a battlefield for communist ambitions and opposing powers. Oppressed for being an ethnic minority as well as for holding Christian beliefs, Montagnard people were involved in two successive wars for nearly three decades. They allied first with the French and then with the Americans. Montagnard tribesmen were considered by many who were directly involved in the fighting to be a staunch ally to the U.S. during the Vietnam war. In the final days of the Vietnam War in 1975, only three thousand Montagnards reached the U.S. These indigenous peoples continue to be brutalized today in Vietnam by the police forces controlled by the Vietnamese Communist Party, or VCP.