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Christians In Nairobi Pray For Eritrea ‘s “Suffering” Church

ICC Note:

One of countries where Christians are facing severe violation on their right to worship is Eritrea . Christians from many parts of the world came together to pray for persecuted Christians in Eritrea . As you read the following article please think of what you can also do to help Christians in Eritrea and in many other countries where they are facing persecution.

Monday, 14 May 2007 Eritrea (BosNewsLife) -Hundreds of Christians from around the world have gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, to participate in the first National Day of Prayer for Eritrea, where about 2,000 Christians are detained and in many cases tortured for their faith, a human rights group supporting the event said Monday, May 14.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) said Sunday’s meeting was organized by the Eritrean Evangelical Fellowship in Africa and the Middle East (EEF-AME) in an attempt to focus on “suffering” believers.


The May 13 prayer meeting started in the afternoon and ended at in the late evening only because the venue “had to close for the night. It was marked by powerful prophetic declarations, insights and visions alongside intercession and praise,” CSW claimed in a message to BosNewsLife.


CSW’s National Director Stuart Windsor stressed that as Eritrea “is such a closed nation” Christians “rely on the power of prayer to see an end to the spiritual repression they are suffering.” He said that, “Christians around the world have a duty to pray for the approximately 2000 Eritrean Christians, including the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, who are currently indefinitely detained and often tortured for their faith.”

Human rights groups say the Christians have been detained across the Eastern African nation,

in some cases even in shipping containers. Later this month, May 26, CSW and the Eritrean human rights NGO Release-Eritrea-UK will be co-hosting a prayer event for Eritrea at the Salvation Army’s Regent Hall in Oxford Street, London , CSW said, referring to website for more details.

The Eritrean government has denied any wrongdoing saying it says it wants to protect

the country against dangerous sects.

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