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5/9/07 Vietnam (Montagnard Foundation) BACKGROUND: The indigenous Degar Peoples (known under the French colonial term “Montagnard”) have suffered decades of persecution by the Vietnamese communist government, namely; confiscation of their ancestral lands, Christian religious repression, torture, killings and imprisonment. To date over 350 Degar prisoners remain in Vietnamese prisons for standing up for their human rights, for spreading Christianity or for fleeing to Cambodia . These prisoners continue to suffer abuses and are subjected to torture, including electric shock treatment, beatings as well as being withheld food and medical care. Degar prisoners are also subjected to severe beatings and many have been specifically beaten on their bodies repeatedly in order to deliberately cause them to die slow deaths. A number of prisoners have already died including Degar man named Y-Ngo Adrong who was tortured to death on 13 July 2006 – of which the US Department described as “a credible report of extrajudicial killing by security forces” (See: 6 March 2007 US State Department’s Report on Vietnam) Over the past 6 years hundreds of Degar refugees have been denied asylum and forcibly returned to Vietnam where they face retaliation by Vietnamese security forces. .

Degar Montagnard Torture victims describe the persecution they suffered.

q Young Degar Montagnard child describes how he received permanent head wound due to torture. In 2004 Vietnamese security police tortured and beat him because his father was a refugee hiding in the forest.

q Degar Montagnard Christian man describes how he was arrested by Cambodian police and sold for cash to Vietnamese authorities who electric shock tortured him. Also describes how he received prison term, was severely maltreated and describes how Vietnamese guards deceived international monitors when they visited him in prison.

q Degar Montagnard refugee describes how the UN refugee organization (UNHCR) oversaw the beatings and forced deportation of over 100 Montagnard refugees in 2005. Describes how UNHCR official named “Eldon” gave permission to Cambodian police to use force. Witness saw people beaten unconscious using stun guns and clubs as described in the Human Rights Watch report of June 2006

q Degar Montagnard woman was forcibly sterilized and shows her scar where authorities performed surgical sterilization without her consent.

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