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Six Marthoma Church Believers Beaten Up In Narasapur

Global Council of Indian Christians

5/6/07 India (Persecution Update India) – Six Christian believers of Marthoma church were beaten up in Narasapur, Kolar District, about 50km from Bangalore , on the morning of May 6th. Evangelist Jay Raj and James are facing death threats. Radicals demand the shutting down of Narasapur Marthoma church.

This morning, at about 10am, after the Sunday worship service, the believers were leaving the Newly dedicated Marthoma Church and a mob of 60-70 persons with saffron flags and headbands started abusing the Christian believers and demanded that the church should be closed down within 10 days. The infuriated band of radical Hindus also destroyed the electric connection to the church.

Meanwhile, the radicals demanded that the congregation hand over the church evangelists Jay Raj and James to them. The members of the congregation informed the radicals that the evangelists were worshipping in the Baelemananahalli church. The radicals got in their vehicles and rushed to the Baelemananahalli and demanded that the church authorities hand over the evangelists.

Jay Raj and James were not found and the radicals started chanting abusive slogans against the Christians and started beating up the believers. Santosh, Philip, Govindappa, and another lady were injured in the attack.

The determined radicals went to the nearby village and directed the land lords of Jay Raj and James to vacate the tenants within 10 days and bring the evangelists in front of them before 5pm today (6th May).

As the deadline expired for the evangelists to show up, the radicals attacked two Christian boys who happened to be in the village.

The rein of terror against Christians is continuing unabated.

The believers have lodged a complaint in the Venkal police station and the police authorities have not taken any action till now (5.30pm).

Rev. Sabu Thomas has come on transfer and this is his first worship service in Narasapur.