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Children imprisoned for parents faith in China

5/1/07 China (MNN) — Prison is a stark reality for Christians in China who share their faith, especially for pastors who don’t register with the government. We’ve heard stories of believers going through intense interrogation, beatings, and torture; going without nourishment or comforts, and enduring harsh temperatures and long hours of hard labor. Now, imagine the anguish you would feel if your young children were imprisoned because of your family’s stand for Jesus Christ. What was once unthinkable is now a reality.

According to World Serve, imprisoning children for their parents’ faith may seem unimaginable, but it is a recent reality for Christians in China . While Christ’s followers have knowingly risked prison for themselves, they had little reason to fear their children’s arrest…until now. It is the beginning of a new and dangerous threat to Christian families.

Chang and her husband are friends of World Serve. Along with a group of Christian pastors and leaders, they were meeting together to encourage each other and worship the Lord. Over 100 police raided their small gathering, arrested everyone, and transported them to prison. Unbeknownst to the family, police had proceeded from the meeting and arrested two of Chang’s three children. The 12-year-old twins were imprisoned, not for a personal act of sharing the Gospel, but simply because of their parents’ faith in Jesus Christ.

World Serve came along side the family and financially supported the remaining child. World Serve continues to support the family as the husband and twins have been released.

Chang represents one of thousands of Christian families in China facing severe persecution. Your financial support can help other families going through similar unthinkable issues in China . $50 can help World Serve support a family for an entire month. That support is a testimony to those involved, which can make an incredible difference to those who aren’t ashamed of the Gospel.