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ICC Note: We have heard the same. Islam’s brutality is causing many of the youth of the Middle East to question Islam and ask why it is so violent.
Gospel is Reaching the Middle East

International (MNN) —

4/28/07 Middle East (Mission Network News) Islamic principles are governing policy-making throughout the Middle East .

That’s especially true of the cluster of Islamic Republics. Their hard-line, anti-Western sentiment closed doors to the Gospel.

Yet, Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung cites encouraging reports from inside those restricted access areas.

“We have noted through our contacts in recent weeks considerable openness in some of the most tightly-closed countries. It encourages us that Christian broadcasting in such places is effective. Part of that equation is whether or not people are interested at all.”

DeYoung says despite recent unrest, the interest in Christianity is growing. Other media ministries concur, pointing to the many Muslims who have come to Christ through Christian satellite TV and radio broadcasts.

Most of these new believers are young and passionate about their faith, but out of fear of persecution they remain “secret believers” who are not connected to a church or cell group.

That makes the discipleship a clear need and is often requested of those who are ministering in the region. It also puts those willing to get the training at risk.

DeYoung urges believers to “be very prayerful about protection for those who work in such circumstances in those kinds of places.

The pressures against them are considerable, and the dangers are very real. To some extent, there’s been an escalation of persecution, restrictions, and harassment of believers.”

Pray for effective church leadership and boldness of believers to continue to witness to family, friends, and neighbors.

Pray that political decisions in the region will not discourage believers from praying, but rather the church would respond in love and an even greater desire to see them come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.